Daceasy15 shows Btrieve is not residant in Windows7\8\10
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發表人:  Thomas [ 11 8月 2016 12:49 ]
文章主題 :  Daceasy15 shows Btrieve is not residant in Windows7\8\10

When open Daceasy15 in Windows7\8\10 shows " Btrieve is not residant"
A.這可能程式未完全安裝好, 請移除程式重新安裝.

B. 同時如OS是Windows 7\8\10,在執行Daceasy程式時, 使用者最低要有Local的Power User權限.<--- Use higher user access right login in Windows 8\10.Thue you are able to open Daceasy after installation.

You can use the following method to solve the problem of Btrieve is not residant
in Windows7\8\10:

1. Exist Daceasy, 離開Daceasy
2. On your PC Desltop, right click Daceasy icon select properties, click shortcut.
3. Select Advance, 選擇進階.
4. In Advance content, select run as administrator, click confrim to exit, 在進階內容中,
5. Open Daceasy 開啟Daceasy.

(If a screen come up "Do you allow AC15.exe to run?". You must click "Yes".)

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