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 文章主題 : Print double-side statement (雙面列印結單)
文章發表於 : 24 4月 2009 18:18 

註冊時間: 24 9月 2008 10:58
文章: 70
In SB WINDOWS version, it can print double-sided statement with the double-side printing feature Printer.
You can modify several terms, print those terms at the back of the front page.
Also the content of the back page can be use for customer important notices, or the customer change address\telephone\bank account notice, at which it acts as a customer communications media.
1. First the PC should install double-side printing feature driver.
2. Then the back page CTERMS.RPV (Daily) and MTERMS.RPV (Monthly) files must be located in SB directory.
The Double-side printing can be apply in both Combined Statement and Monthly Statement,
therefore we will seperate front page into three parts:

  • Header part: At the top of the page, it shows company's graphical logo, company address and telephone no. can be shown in text format or graphical format.
  • Middle part: To print the client's transections which generated from SB.
  • Footer part: To print detail description of terms displayed in jpg image format.
The reference size of the graphical picture in Combined Statement or Monthly Statement as follows:
A. Header address:
File name : CSBGHEAD.JPG (Daily) and MSBGHEAD.JPG (Monthly)
Size: 1680 X 500 pixels 1680 X 500 pixels 8.3" X 2.5"
File name company logo: CSBGBODY.JPG(Daily) and MSBGBODY.JPG (Monthly)
File side of company logo: 1680 X 750 pixels 1680 X 750 pixels 8.3" X 3.7"
B. Footer: files name: CSBGFOOT.JPG (Daily) and MSBGFOOT.JPG (Monthly)
Side of footer: 1680 X 200 pixels 1680 X 200 pixels 8
All the header and footer of jpg files must be located in SB directory.
Please reference the following example:
A00089.pdf [1.17 MiB]
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