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 文章主題 : To run bat file in SB M-7-C Daily Batch Processing
文章發表於 : 15 5月 2009 12:48 

註冊時間: 24 9月 2008 10:58
文章: 70
In SB M7C Daily Batch Processing (Sbbatch.txt), SB can call external batch file when the
sbbatch.txt is working in progressive.
For example the user wants to copy a report in M74 stock holder list to his PC as backup file.
Then you can modify the sbbatch.txt to call the external batch file to full fill their
1. Create a bat file named copy.bat, the file can be created the same location as sbbatch.txt.
Inside the copy.bat you can type: Copy M74.txt c:\SBReport
The M74.txt output file will copy to the C drive SBReport folder
2. Modify the sbbatch.txt to add few the lines as follow:
*To define output device name as M74.txt
*Generate the report in M74 stock holder list
*Run external batch file
3. We can define the output device name as DailyRpt_yyyymmdd in Sbbatch.txt
The description of %C,%Y,%M,%D :
%C = Century of Tran. Date
%Y = Year of Tran. Date
%M = Month of Tran. Date
%D = Day of Tran. Date

e.g. Tran. Date is 17 May 2009, the following output device name can be
\%M%DRPT => \0517RPT
%C%Y%M%D => 20090517
The Daily Batch Processing (Sbbatch.txt), help user to reduce the operations work load in
daily base. Different users have different requirements, we have to study it case by case.

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